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Living with Myasthenia Gravis

The Bad Side of Patient Forums / Social Media Groups

In searching for medical advice, be careful about involvement with online medical patient forums and support groups on social media. Not all online medical interest groups and forums maintain high standard of enrollment and moderation. Individuals certified in their knowledge and direction are musts for a good group. Without proper vigilance and critical thinking, you may encounter dicey situations or be influenced by inherent bias. This article delves into the bad side of online patient forums and medical interest groups for patients with rare diseases. I write from my own experience.

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Visionary Art from Melasdesign

Bigfoot Sighting in West Virginia

On a quiet day in the small town of Thomas, West Virginia, residents were startled by a large, furry, biped creature running amok in the south end of town. After rumors of previous Sasquatch activity and Bigfoot sightings in the area over the years, this footage offers shocking new evidence of a possible Bigfoot. Will the Rail Trail ever be the same again with knowledge of this beast afoot? See the amazing video below.

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Visionary Art from Melasdesign

Cement Pipes and Imagination

Something about these cement pipes struck my imagination. It seemed a bit foolish to ponder them over time, but each time I passed them on the way to the Rail Trail in Thomas, West Virginia, they caught my eye. With the promise of the trail’s gorgeous natural surroundings, the pipes probably go unnoticed by many. I imagined a new life for them in visionary mandala art. They became “Pipes Field Mandala.”

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Living with Myasthenia Gravis

Coronavirus and Myasthenia Gravis

This blog post is short and sweet. Is the Coronavirus still circulating and you have Myasthenia Gravis? If so, social distancing is imperative. It is an absolute MUST that you stay indoors at home, while also not inviting people in. Self-sequestering saves lives and lightens the load on your area’s health system. If you do venture out, be sure it is away from the public. Take advantage of any opportunity to have groceries and necessities delivered, or at the very least, travel along with someone to go shopping, but send them in with the list. The following post briefly explains how the virus and MG may interact while also suggesting some positive ways to get through this rather unusual and unfortunate epoch.

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