Truth Painting - Die Wahrheit

Joyous motion filled layered pastel color abstract expressionist painting in acrylics over canvas print. Signed, original art, 16×20 format, wrapped canvas by Susan Hicks. Titled Truth / Die Wahrheit.


Truth Painting - Die Wahrheit


$275.00 $260.00

Lately I’ve been working more than ever to live by my own truth, and showing that truth in art. In celebration of this, I unearthed an experimental canvas print from about a decade ago and finally started developing the design further as I had originally wanted to do. After much layering fun, I created this expressionist pastel abstract art painting in acrylics. I spied that I had written the word “Truth” in German (die Wahrheit) on the canvas frame / stretcher. The underlying artwork was a digital expressionist abstract art print on canvas originally created by montaging  photos of abstract forms I had painted using tempera. Once I looked up how to properly prep the print for overpainting, it was all systems go. I’m happy to say this work in acrylic is finally nearing what I’ve been able to do in oils. You live, learn, and experiment. The result was this colorful, full spectrum abstract painting with bold strokes of geometric and organic shapes overlapping, crashing, coming forward and receding. The composition is steadied by bold white lines in bezier curves, curls, and sharp angles. Original art, 16×20, wrapped canvas, in acrylics from Susan Hicks / Melasdesign. The view with signature upright is not the view the painting was composed in. Take a look a picture 2 as well, and hang the Truth / Die Wahrheit painting to your personal preference.

Signed visionary art painting in acrylics layered over canvas print from Susan Hicks / Melasdesign. 16×20 canvas. Die Wahrheit art.

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• This listing is for ONE “Truth” Original pastel abstract art painting.
It’s handmade and one of a kind, after all.

You get:
• This original, 16×20 inch signed Truth / Die Wahrheit painting.

The Presentation:
• Painting comes wired and ready for hanging. No frame is needed for the gallery wrapped canvas.

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Returns & Exchanges:
• Melasdesign gladly accepts returns and exchanges on Truth / die Wahrheit painting.
Contact Melasdesign within: 21 days of delivery receipt to arrange return.
Ship items back within 30 days of delivery receipt.
• Customer pays return shipping.

• No Cancellations
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